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The last post that I wrote on here was a book review for a very lovely book that was very innocent. Now there’s time for my serial that is anything but innocent. (I would recommend if you don’t like romance that leans more toward erotica, then this may not be the story for you.) Otherwise, check it out and let me know what you think in the comments. If you missed Part One, go back and read. Otherwise, you’re missing a bit. 

Venise is a woman on the edge. She has a no-strings attached creed. She’s all work and no play though that line gets blurry at times. In this chapter, she’s trying to figure out whether she’s surrounded by friend or foe. 


Where Venise is trying to figyure out where she is.

The ringing in her ears brought her back to the present. She stopped herself from moving and tried to control her breathing as she assessed her situation. Her eyes felt so heavy, was she blindfolded? Her heart started beating faster. This did not feel like the typical interrogation scene. She wondered how long she’d been unconscious.

It all came flooding back. The wedding. The sexy security guard, who definitely had something else up his sleeve. She felt a sluggish flash of warmth when she thought of how she’d gotten caught. It really couldn’t get any better than that. This would be a great story to tell Anise and Shana.

If she could could get herself out of this one.

They’d been after her for years. Always wanting to assess her. Take her apart and put her back together. The last time… she felt a cold pit in the bottom her stomach grow. The last, she almost didn’t make it back. Venise Song aka The Black Widow was on a short hit list of operatives that are possibly too dangerous to be loose.  That last time…when she was in that cement cell. Her shoulder started to burn as a reminder.

She threw up a brick wall. Now was not a time to take a horrifying glimpse into memory lane. She needed a plan. Where was she?

She could hear the faint clack of heels on linoleum. The air smelled clean, artificially so. Undercurrent of disinfectant. A hospital? A lab? She didn’t hear any breathing in the room with her, but was well aware there may be video on her at all times. She moved a little testing the bonds. She was tied down to a bed. A pretty uncomfortable one. She felt taller, like she was lying on a precipice. She had to assume the person looking after her was taller than normal.

She rubbed her fingers together. They’d taken off her gel nail tips, to the quick it felt. There were some raw spots on them. This made her highly pissed off. She’d just gotten those done for the job on Saturday. She couldn’t help herself. How mouth thinned to a line. Those bastards.

A door swung open closing behind the person with a controlled click.

“Well, we see that you are conscious.” The voice was feminine, somewhat near her left shoulder. She tried to tense her muscles, but found she was unable to do so. She frowned. She knew she was fastened down in some capacity and she didn’t have control of her body.

“Who are you? Where am I? What is this?” Her voice was a slurred whisper. Her eyelids felt so heavy, she couldn’t lift them.

“Oh, I’m sure you can figure this one out m’dear. Or maybe you can’t. You have found a roster of enemies, haven’t you?” The voice sound very amused.

She tried to tune in on the voice, listening for clues. No real accent or lilt to her voice. She could’ve been a news broadcaster for Anywhere, USA.

“That isn’t really the issue, is it?” the voice said, words turning hard. “We need to know why you were at that wedding.”

“Because I was bored,” she answered, mentally shrugging. Her arms still felt numb, though her feet and hands had that pins and needles feel.

“You’re trying to say that you accidentally wound up at the wedding one of the biggest mergers America has ever seen. And you just showed up there? Some random wedding crashing gone wrong? Excuse me if I don’t believe you,” she said. “This will only hurt but for a moment. Maybe longer. Hope your body is still numbed.”

That’s when the drill started up. It was loud filling the room. Venise felt that coldness in her pit grow. She had to get out of here. She still couldn’t move. The sound of the drill was growing, moving closer to her head. What was this bitch planning to do? She turned her face fruitlessly to the side. She refused to scream.

Venise knew for sure that she was in way over her head. She steeled herself for the inevitable.

“No.” This voice was male. Deep. Authoritative. Somehow familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it. With that one word she felt air shift as the woman took a step away. Mercifully, the drill stopped.

“I just wanted to see what she knows, daddy,” the woman’s voice became younger. Childlike. Coy. What is this madness?

“She doesn’t know that you wouldn’t really drill into her head, pumpkin. You should run along and play,” he said. Venise listened as the footsteps faded.

“You’ll have to excuse my daughter. She’s a bit…over zealous,” he said. “Let’s take off this blindfold. It will be a bit bright.”

The blindfold was lifted. The white of the room was blinding and a pair of blue eyes came into focus. A pair of familiar blue eyes.

Things had just gotten more complicated.

“Hello dollface.”


How is Venise going to get out of this one? Tune in next week to find out.



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  1. Great writing! As soon as Venise heard the drill, my stomach clenched!!!
    Marcia @ Menopausal Mother recently posted..Fifteen Things No Parent Should Have to Say To Their Teen SonMy Profile

  2. OHHHHHH I LIKE IT! *hooked*
    Considerer recently posted..A Slip of the Lit – Dear Stephanie (an endorsement)My Profile

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