When the beat drops (A Poem)


Instant connection
His hands banging drums and
Her hips catching beats.

Fingertips raised skyward
Asking for directions to some pagan god.
He wonders if she smells like the rain
Gently kissing her upturned face.

Music links them
Fluid ocean and steadfast beach,
He wanted her to wash up against his shore
Taking pieces of him with her.
Ebbing and flow.

She moves like the steel drums
Birthed her years ago
In a swept away village
Where sun-kissed brows were
Stained with wolf berries
For life and fertility.

Molten golden fire strands catching the breeze
Her feet loses their slipper shackles
Leaving life prints in the sand
Leading him to her.

It would be so easy
To commune with spirits
At her side.
Giving praise to Pele
For surely her ancestors were born
From lava and tears
Leaving legacy on her crown.

And then the music stopped.


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20 Responses to When the beat drops (A Poem)

  1. Interesting and refreshingly fun! I love the reference to Pele- as far as goddesses go, she’s the coolest one according to me, haha ๐Ÿ˜€ well done!

  2. Very well done. I loved it. The rhythm of this was beautiful.

  3. Jen

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it. <3

    Jen via #SITSblogging
    Jen recently posted..DIY: A Fox for a FoxMy Profile

  4. This is so beautiful, almost musical. I’m with the other commenters – I can’t pick out my favorite line because there are too many that caused me to pause, and read again.
    JannaTWrites recently posted..Striking BalanceMy Profile

  5. This is fantastic! I also started out wanting to tell you which lines were my favourites, but then there were so many! I love the 2nd and 3rd verses, though, especially “Music links them / Fluid ocean and steadfast beach.” Very lovely poem ๐Ÿ™‚
    Silverleaf recently posted..Itโ€™s All a State of MindMy Profile

  6. What beautiful lyrics-yes,it seems like that to me-I could almost hear those drums and see her sway and loved that reference to Hawaii -the lines,”He wanted her to wash up against his shore Taking pieces of him with her”,made me hold my breath-fabulous Tamara:-)

  7. “He wanted her to wash up against his shore” โ€“ I love that line! And this whole poem is beautiful. Fantastic imagery! Thanks so much for joining us at the speakeasy this week! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Suzanne Purkis recently posted..Worlds ApartMy Profile

  8. This is just beautiful. So happy you linked up with the speakeasy. I hope you’ll be back!

    • Tamara Woods

      Stacie, I think I will be back. This was a fun experience. I’ve wanted to link up for a while. I was so nervous!

  9. Such an ode to dance and music. Love!
    Deanna Herrmann recently posted..I Will SurviveMy Profile

  10. Tam

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with this beautiful poem. I had a similar experience to Valerie’s trying to choose my favourite lines, but these still stand out for me:
    “She moves like the steel drums
    Birthed her years ago”
    Tam recently posted..Flash Fiction Challenge | So EasyMy Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Tam, thank you. I was so nervous to join this challenge, and everyone has given me so much love.

  11. This is incredible! As I began to read each stanza, I would say to myself: “That’s my favorite line,” and then I would read the next stanza, and it would happen again, and again . . .

    You are an extremely gifted poet. Thank you for sharing your work here.

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