Armored Car Romance(A Poem)

http://penpaperpad.comArmored Car Romance

You came at me
like a two-ton armored truck,
Lumbering along,
Slow and steady.
I swung onto the side,
Ninja swift and twice as stealthy,
Snaked my way behind your steering wheel,
Pushed gas to the floor,
Cuz what were we waiting for?
Extra time is for children and puppies,
those unwary of the future.

Love is like you offering me
the last drink from your blue cup,
even though your still thirsty.
Everyone knows the last drink
is the best one.

It’s like
the sound of the monitors
keeping pace with her heartbeat,
and your teeth gnashing as you wait
for a sign of life,
any sign of spirit
a sign.

Love is like chubby hands proudly passing
mangled dandelions to you,
And you accept them like
they’re a delicate bouquet of orchids.

I love you is
Skype, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
GoogleChat, cellphones,
homing pigeons, the Fed Ex Man,
Anything shrinking the distance
into mere inches
instead of miles upon miles of sand and oceans.
“I’m only a text away.”

Love is sliding to the passenger side,
returning the wheel to you.
Full-throttle pedal to the metal
makes life rear view mirror blurs.
We were only racing against ourselves.
I want to enjoy this journey with you,
like a Sunday drive.

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7 Responses to Armored Car Romance(A Poem)

  1. “…Love is like chubby hands proudly passing mangled dandelions to you,And you accept them like they’re a delicate bouquet of orchids…” Love this.
    Linda Roy – elleroy was here recently posted..Chuck Norris Doesn’t Suck HIS Thumb!My Profile

  2. the last sip is the best 🙂 ~ M
    grapeling recently posted..milesMy Profile

  3. Extra time is for children and puppies…made me smile…ha..def. when love’s in the play better don’t wait too long…smiles
    claudia recently time we’ll paint people– bring some magazines alongMy Profile

  4. ha. yes, love is something like that…the last sip when you are still thristy, giving over the wheel pedal to the metal…ha…some cool analogies in this…
    brian miller recently stone, home to hundreds of cigarette butts.My Profile

  5. Love it! The armored truck metaphor is excellent.
    Theodore Webb recently posted..Check out these amazing presses, authors (Indie Lit Fest)My Profile

  6. Cool! Awesome that this was also my theme 🙂 Will button up soon – need to get that sorted.
    Considerer recently posted..Not my kind of normalMy Profile

  7. “Love is sliding to the passenger seat”…
    ah, takes me back to young love. 🙂
    Natalie – The Cat Lady Sings recently posted..Speaking of Fashion Magazines…My Profile

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