A to Z blogging: A is for Acrostic


I’m a poet, a blogger and flat-out writer, penning articles, short stories and (hopefully within the next year) a couple of books. I’m a writer who writes about writing. I know, horribly original. I’ve decided to take on the A to Z blogging Challenge. The month of April, I will be posting about terms associated with writing, blogging and/or poetry. Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought I’d kick things off with a poetic term.

Alright, now that you have the background, the word of the day is “acrostic.” This means: A poem where the first letter of each line spells out a significant word. The term acrostic derives from the Greek for ‘at the tip of the verse’, according to Poets’ Graves glossary of terms.



Leg room non-existent, baby crying

In my ear. Her tears fill a well inside

Me, oceans of salted regret

Beating against my heart’s shore.


Over the Pacific, her tiny voice piercing my alcohol haze

Under the ever-watchful stewardess eyes.

Tarmac readied for landing.


An ode to the 15 hour travel I’m embarking tomorrow. Friends and family, never doubt that I love you. I could be at home watching Dr. Who reruns. <3


Aloha ya’ll! 

PS: Also posting this for the I <3 BlogLovin’ bloghop and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Sheesh! April is going to be a busy month!




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  1. Love it! What a perfect first post for the A to Z challenge! I thought about signing up for that but I can’t even seem to get a post out WEEKLY recently. lol
    Angela McKeown @Momopolize recently posted..Lying about our age. Ladies, we’ve been doing it all wrong.My Profile

  2. I loved this nicely done

  3. I love this. Acrostics are always so hard to do well, but you do it beautifully. Well done!

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