I’ve always been a poet first and everything else just fell into place after. I realize that I rarely post poetry on here. I’ve joined a couple online poetry groups to kind of get into writing and sharing it more. (See, I told you changes were coming for 2013!) So in that spirit I present to you…


He said there’s so many bills I can’t pay,

Can’t hold at bay creditors,

predators stronger than my strongest hold.

To prove my love to you, I’ll take you away


From these tired broken spirits

laying like a china cabinet

After Dumbo’s first stumbling steps.


My mind’s on empty,

Your belly’s on full

Let’s take this half-tank.

Half-hearted life,

leave it far behind.

leave it in the dust.

cuz in God we trust.

Only thing standing in our way is


We can become more than just us,

Two bodies shambling through life’s

shifting and tumbling landscape.

Our fingers clenched,


He said come with me.

Persuasions tickling her eardrums,

her nostalgia.

She wished she could shed these 10 years,

Becoming the wide-eyed innocent

He’d spotted across campus


She just listened, never speaking.

Days had long past since she could live on his dreams.

Her breasts are growing,

Her tummy is showing.

Too late for all his grandiose schemes.

She let’s him talk, and he does for a while.

When he’s finished, she just shakes her head.


©T.A. Woods 2013


This is for Real Toads Open Link Monday.


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9 Responses to Smiles

  1. I really like the thread of rhyme that runs through your lines.

    Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.
    Kerry O’Connor recently posted..In FebruaryMy Profile

  2. Tim Young


    I feel I know these people. It connects.
    I can see that smile.

  3. Well, I get to be the first commenter! Nicely done. Congrats on venturing into more poetry. Your poem is very lyrical, like a song.
    Courtney – Maui Jungalow recently posted..Tales from the Organic Cowboy!My Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Courtney thanks for commenting! Actually, I’m a spoken word poet, so I guess I write things thinking about how they’ll sound…even if I may not perform them. I guess it is kind of like a song.

  4. Lovely story telling here – it’s so everyday, everyone and that’s what makes it so effective. Your use of internal rhyme givs a musicality to the piece, which strengthens it too.

    Welcome to dVerse. I hope you enjoy your visit to the pub, and that you’ll be back.
    Tony recently posted..Wish You Were HereMy Profile

  5. it is an interesting story in your words…and one that is familiar as well…a crossroads for many young people and what they do from there makes all the difference in the world….nice to see you at dverse…
    brian miller recently posted..dogs don’t argue with the hydrant, just relieve themselvesMy Profile

  6. broken spirits
    laying like a china cabinet
    After Dumbo’s first stumbling steps…much like the image here..and the story speaks for itself..
    claudia recently posted..Logarithms of the ratio or 27 hours to AustraliaMy Profile

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