How does a hillbilly meet other bloggers?


When one has no idea of what she’s doing, she just dives right in. Especially if that she is me. You’ll notice this badge on my page, and you can click on it.

 A: Aloha Friday Blog Hop

So one of my To-Do List goals: step out of my blogging shell and meet other bloggers. Blogging can be such a solitary thing, so how do you get more involved with a community? Here’s one way that I’ve found. Join a Blog Hop. You can probably find them by googling the word, but I found the one I’m participating in the old fashion way, dumb luck.

I was checking out What Jean Likes, a pretty cool blog that i definitely recommend. She has interesting stuff on her sidebar, one thing which was the badge for the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I’ve never been afraid to ask questions, so I asked her about it, and decided it sounds pretty cool.

So, you sign up, put that badge on your page, follow everyone’s blog and write some messages of Aloha in their posts. Just basically letting them know you exist and you know they exist, and it’s a lovely thing. So that’s what I’ll be getting into. Feel free to join in.

Do you have  any new and interesting ways to meet other bloggers/writers in 2013? Let me know in the comments.

Aloha ya’ll!


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15 Responses to How does a hillbilly meet other bloggers?

  1. Blog hops are definitley a good way to meet other bloggers. I’ve “met” some of my best bloggy buddies through hops, so I always tell new bloggers to join in & start making friends :) Nice to meet you btw!

    • T.A. Woods

      Aloha Robin! Nice to meet you too. It seems like a pretty interesting way to meet new bloggers, and to just learn about what other people are talking about. Very cool. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! To answer your question about finding a hula dance group – I lucked out. I have a friend I’ve known for years who happens to be an amazing hula instructor with this dance group so I fell into it. I would think in Hawaii if you ask around, someone will know a hula dance instructor (also called a hula kumu). Let them know that you are a beginner and see how they respond. I bet there are many dance groups or halaus in your area. Take care, Sharon
    Sharon recently posted..Ikea Hack: Paint Those Laminated ShelvesMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Thanks for stopping by Sharon! I’ll definitely have to ask around. I find the dance so fascinating, and I know there has to be meanings behind the movements themselves…and the songs that I don’t understand. :D It would be fun to learn.

  3. Hi Tamara! I basically did the same thing by stumbling upon the blog hop. I’ve found some awesome new (to me) blogs. Thanks for the follow and am following back.

    • T.A. Woods

      Thanks for following back Natosha! By doing this blog hop, I’ve been finding others too. I think I was late getting into this game, but still so much fun. Take care and mahalo for stopping by.

  4. I just stated blogging (like, yesterday…) so I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Brooke recently posted..No Judgment Here.My Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      AWesome, welcome to the fold! I’m going to be talking about other ways that I try networking on the blog in upcoming months, so stick around and you’ll hear about more. And by all means, if you hear of some cool stuff, be sure to comment or send me an email: Take care Brooke and good luck in 2013!

  5. Thanks for stopping by We three crabs! I hope you will come back because my son and I are going to be moving to Alaska in the spring! I will be blogging aobut the big changes comeing our way. :)
    I host a pinterest tuesday link up. i invite you to stop by any tuesday and link up your pinterest inspired blog posts or DIY projects. Its a good way to meet others and see what they are doing.
    Erica recently posted..Alaska Update…January 4thMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      Good luck in Alaska! That’s going to be quite the change. My boyfriend has talked about moving to Alaska, but I think we may freeze to death after living here!

      A Pinterest Tuesday linkup?! I do <3 Pinterest…oh my. I’ll have to see if I can find something cool and writing related to do. That would be sweet! Thanks for the invite Erica!

  6. If you’re into writing on a themed topic each week, my favorite “blog-hop” is one from Jenn over at somethingclever2.0. This is the link:
    This week is “cats vs. dogs”… Take that as you will.
    Every week, she posts a new topic and we (whoever feels like participating) write whatever we feel about it and link up. The posts range from serious thoughtful posts to absolute nonsense (aka: me) and are fabulous. I’ve “met” tons of amazing people through there that are more than happy to welcome newcomers with open arms (and browsers)! You should go check it out!

    Also: it’s cold as shit here, and I’m super jealous that you live in Hawaii. Odd question from a random stranger: If I win the lottery, can I come stay with you for a little while? At least until it hits a comfortable 70degrees here? I’ll cook and clean your bathrooms…
    Jeneral Insanity recently posted..My new best friend is hairyMy Profile

    • T.A. Woods

      I love Jenn’s blog! She did a write up about me in one of her “blogs to know” posts. It was pretty cool. Cats v dogs huh? Hmm…I’ll have to think on that one.

      Well, our apt is about the size of a luxurious storage unit, so we don’t need a housekeeper. Cooking though is totally awesome. :D

      Creative writing project? That sounds pretty cool. Yeah, I’m following your blog, so I’m sure I’ll hear more. I’m intrigued. If you’d like to do a guest post exchange type of thing, I’m down for that too. Thanks for stopping Jen!

  7. Also: not sure how into “alien projects” you are, but I’m going to be hosting my own link-up/goofy giveaway pretty soon here involving a creative writing project. It will take a sense of humor for sure (or not) and part of “winning” will be some advertising on my page…
    I don’t have nearly as many followers as The Bloggess (yet), but people definitely click on my links, so that’s a possibility too…
    Jeneral Insanity recently posted..My new best friend is hairyMy Profile

  8. Wow, that is so cool! I just started a blog last month. After reading this, I will have to checkout blog hopping out and see how it goes!

    • T.A. Woods

      You definitely should! I was really stumped on how to meet more bloggers. It’s definitely one way, and as I figure out more things, I’ll let you know. And please, if you find some cool way to network with bloggers, I’m all ears. Aloha!

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