10 Tips Rock Pinterest and Boost Your Blog Traffic


I’ve got a problem, but it’s one that can help my blog and my friends’ blogs.

How does Pinterest help a blogger to promote his work? Pinterest is that addiction that takes you away with the simple concept of pinboards. Pinning dreamy things, lovely things, frightening things, tasty things, inspirational ideas and of course adorable kittens. But so what? Pinterest is one of the biggest social media networks. All you really need is a cute pic or a video and you can pin it. How can that help increase your blog traffic? Here’s my tips to you:

  1. Make a cool meme that goes with your blog post. Pin that ish. When someone clicks on the pin, read that great caption you wrote and (hopefully) go back to your blog.
  2. On that meme mentioned above, put some type of identifier: your web site, twitter handle, whatevs. If the person digs it, maybe s/he will try to cyberstalk you a lil bit.
  3. Start a pin group: You can create groups and invite folks for pinning. I created one for Almost Heaven West Virginia. I’m also involved in one for Hawaii and one with fellow bloggers called Blogging and Social Media. It’s a cool way to see some new stuff, meet new people and learn some things.
  4. It would bring you up more in the Google search, so make sure your About Me section is pretty killer. It’ll pop up in the search.
  5. You don’t have to pin everything. Pin your best stuff. I’m a pretty crappy photography, but occasionally I make something that looks really sweet. Pinned.
  6. Give a shout out to your fellow bloggers. Pin their stuff too.
  7. Connect your Pinterest to your Facebook and/or Twitter. That’ll get people moving from your Facebook to your Pinterest, and gives you another opportunity to interact with your people. (Personally, I think it works better with Facebook than Twitter, but I’ve got no numbers on this.)
  8. Have you made a sweet infographic for a blog post? By all means, pin that. Oh and make sure that you add either your blog name, twitter name, or whatever on there. You want people to be able to find your site if so inclined, right?
  9.  Hey do you want to know what’s been pinned from your blog? http://pinterest.com/source/[YOURBLOG.COM] If I wanted to see what’s been pinned from here by whom it would be: http://pinterest.com/source/penpaperpad.com. (I think I learned this months ago from a member of the Bloppy Bloggers fb group. I can’t remember who posted it, so I’m giving a general shoutout to the group. Thanks guys!)
  10. Interact on there. You can follow interesting boards, or you can everything someone posts. Like things and post comments. You don’t necessarily have to be as interactive as other sites, but a little bit can go a long way.

Caution: Pinterest is a magical vortex where time ceases to exist. You’ll emerge wondering why your plants are so dry and your children are so hungry. Set a time limit. I have to push away from Pinterest sometimes, so I can do other things like look at pics of cute kitties on the internet and text folks.

Do you have any tips that work for you and Pinterest? 

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7 Responses to 10 Tips Rock Pinterest and Boost Your Blog Traffic

  1. Well crap! I’m not doing any of this stuff! I’m on Pinterest and wish I had more time to do it, but with a more than full time job and all the other stuff, I can’t get to it. These are great tips though, and you’re right, I need to be using this tool more.
    Lisa Newlin recently posted..That gnome is gansta!My Profile

  2. Oh, my goodness I left a whole long reply and it’s now gone. I pinned your article in Google+ Lots of good info. Love that you call it a Magical Vortex. You’re right. I do have an account. Not sure how swift I am. Don’t think I’m a memmer.
    Thanks for letting me know you replied. No one tells you that. 🙂
    Sandra Sallin recently posted..True Confessions: How I flunked making pasta in Italy.My Profile

  3. Great tips! And, you’re so right about Pinterest being a total time suck!!
    Roshni recently posted..How Indians deal with picky eaters – and then there’s our method!My Profile

  4. I hate to be a pain but could you illustrate your great information. Like what is a meme and how to create one? Etc. 1 & 2 are confusing. How do you interact on Pinterest? So much good info that I’m not sure how to use.
    Sandra Sallin recently posted..True Confessions: How I flunked making pasta in Italy.My Profile

    • Tamara Woods

      Hi Sandra, sure I understand. Do you have Pinterest? I mentioned following someone’s board, you can also repin other people’s pins, you can like pins and you can get involved with group boards. However, this won’t make much sense, if you haven’t started experimenting with Pinterest. Here’s a Julie DeNeen wrote a beginner’s guide that will show you how to register a Pinterest account, here.

      A meme is basically a picture posted on the internet that has a funny or recognizable phrase on it. There’s so many to chose from, let me give you a link to a meme generator: . You’ll see what I mean when you look around. You can either go for things that have already been popularized, or try to create something on your own. I’ve used a photo editor, a cute photo and added some cool words to try to make a meme of my own. So, on that meme, add something that would point back to you, whether it’s your twitter handle, your blog address, your Facebook, etc.

      I hope that this post makes more sense now?

  5. That was really helpful, thank you so much! I am definitely not as diligent with Pinterest as I am with FB and Twitter, and I need some coaching! I appreciated your suggestions!
    Stephanie @ Mommy, for real. recently posted..What I’d Like To Tell My Childless Friends, But Won’tMy Profile

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