we are the expendables

Black Lives Matter

we are the expendables

I’m expendable.
My worth is directly related to how much I amuse.
Just like him, her and those.
Faceless in a sea of brown.

If only I knew how to act.
I’ll be looting Walmart
Just in time for the holidays.


Why don’t I take responsibility
For my own actions?
If I were better at being a human
Then those bullets wouldn’t be meant for me.

Ghost face gorilla.

Enslaved to the system
Pulled up by bootstraps
Dangling from the noose
Neckties are tight these days.

Ask South Carolina,
Are blacks too uppity
With their bid for equal rights?
There’s still a seat on the back of the bus.
Take one.

Ask Giuliani
This entire situation skewed,
Attention blurred.
It’s not about police brutality.
Brute force.
Inescapable generational poverty.
I just don’t know how to act.

Caged monkey.

Maybe I can twerk my way out of this,
Asses and thick lips are in this year
As long as they’re not attached
to melanin laced skin that is.
That’s never in style

It doesn’t matter my name.
Whether it’s Skittles,
A toy gun
Or walking while black.
Insufficient evidence.
Not guilty.

How to get away with murder.
Add an apathetic society.
Add misinformation leaks.
Add brown skin preconceived notions
Add a badge
Take away hope.
No justice will be served.


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A Giveaway to say thanks!

the reverie ladies

Hey you guys! I really appreciate the support you’ve given me over the years. In an effort to show you that I think you’re awesome, here’s a little giveaway. I reached a milestone of 1,000+ likes on my Facebook author page. (If you haven’t liked it, it’s over there in the sidebar. Go on and do it. We have fun there. And there’s pie…though we might be out of pie.)

In any case, two amazing authors have agreed to give away autographed copies of their books. They also happen to be the co-editors of The Reverie: Laura A. Lord and HastyWords. (Check out their writing, because they’re awesome.) I’ll be giving one of mine as well. Here’s the raffle down below. Be sure to enter and send this link to a friend! Thanks so much and look forward to the future you guys. I’ve got some things up my sleeve.
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Aloha y’all!


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Denial in Bottom of the Barrel



Hey everyone! Hope your day is most excellent. I wrote a poem from the wordle prompt over at The Reverie Journal. If you’re not sure what The Reverie is let me help you get hip. It is poetry publication on the cutting edge. Preparing to bring poetry that will spark your imagination and burn a hole through your heart. I’m also one of the founding editors, so I’m pretty much 100 percent biased.

This week’s prompt was amazing. You should go see for yourself, especially if you’re looking for some writing inspiration.

denial in the bottom of the barrel

Denial in Bottom of the Barrel

Curtain of civility had been raised.

Scarred elbows rested on the whiskey barrels
stacked in the basement.
Stomped twice to bring feeling
The air wanted to freeze her throat,
Rye melted it all.

The basement smelled like broken dreams.

He couldn’t stop moving.
The shipment was coming tonight.
He marched back and forth,
Marked time with his jittering words.
Thoughts tumbling unnoticed to the ground.

His knuckles swollen; his mask lifted.

She swayed in the corner
Restlessness rising
Meeting rye head on.
They’d published the obituary today.
Daddy’s single-malt burned on the way down

Missed expectations- a consolation prize.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s piece. Oh! Be on the look at this weekend. I’ve got something awesome in store as a way to say thank you and in appreciation for all of you who support me and read my work. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Also, have you subscribed? You should. It’s free and is much better than smoking crack.

Aloha y’all! 



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