Peaceful Showers

Hello everyone! It’s Day 19 of OctPoWriMo. How are you feeling so far? This time around, I asked you to think about rain and a song. I can’t wait to make my nightly rounds and see what everyone came up with.

Since the Hurricane Ana decided to avoid the islands this time around, the rain has been plentiful here, which is why its been so heavy on my mind. I came up with this bit to share tonight.

Peaceful Showers

Tings against my window pane
Lull me into a quiet
Slumber where my eyelashes
Give cheekbones
Summer’s kiss
Ever-fleeting but
So sweet.

Ana avoids the islands,
whispers of mahalo
rustles listening palm fronds.

Earl Grey steaming
Coupled with glasses on
Bookmarked book chases
Melancholy shadows.
Fall’s showers
Brought tonight’s slumber.

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Aloha y’all!



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Found Poetry

Hey everyone! It’s Day 18 of OctPoWriMo  where we’re writing a poem every day in October. Today’s prompt is about writing blackout or found poetry. A very interesting challenge, indeed. My picture comes from my summer visit to West Virginia. My best friend was getting married and we did her bachelorette party in the southern part of the state at a lovely cabin. There was a lot of hot tubbing and bar-b-que. We went to the local watering hole in Thomas, WV. It was on the main street. One of the shops there had a bunch of magnetic poetry on a board. I had to play with it. This is what I cam up with:


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Hibernating mysteries

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Day 15 of OctPoWriMo. We’re at that halfway point. How are you doing? I enjoyed myself with this one. I decided to fall astray from the theme and I wrote from the wordle prompt over on The Reverie. This is the poetry journal that Laura A. Lord, HastyWords and I have cobbled together. It’s a lovely place and we’re looking for submissions. Feel free to check out the place, kick the tires. She’s a mighty fine ride. (I have no idea why our site became a car?)

Here’s what I came up with:

The ancient door creaked

As tiny hands pushed together


She flitted around

Worried sparrow

Wringing her hands.

Keeper of the Truth and Laws

Even at this tender age.


He’d been infected with

An appetite for exploration.

Wanted to suck the marrow out.

Pick his teeth clean

With Discovery’s excitement.

This was his temple of doom.

One last push.


Door cracks open,

A spider crack crawls up the wall.

She coughs

Dust clogging

Asthmatic lungs.

Ignores her.

Foolish youth.


This ritual was one they would play

Over and again.

When they were too old

To play hide and go seek.

Even when her womb filled

Generation’s next batch

Explorer birthright.


Light’s glimmer through

Grimy windows


Shadows flickering on

Side of the empty shelves

Against marbled tiles.

He shrugged,

Time for dinner.

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Aloha y’all! 


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