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The ultimate holiday gift guide for writers 2014

Learn what writers want for the holidays!

Writers can be a difficult bunch to buy for. Last year I gave you some ideas about some things to buy for the writer in your life. But this year I decided that I couldn’t do this alone. I wanted to give you options and opinions for more than just me.

I’ve recruited ten of the most interesting writers I know and they’re here to tell you, what they’d like under their Christmas tree, for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, ect… For any of your holiday needs. Now, some of these things may not fit under a tree, but ya know what? Writers dream big. And then we write about it.

Let’s get into it.

Starr (aka my blogging bestie) from The Insomniac’s Dream has some simple dreams that may be harder to provide, “What I would like for Christmas is one year’s worth of bills paid, and one year’s worth of grocery money in a bank account with my name. Without that stress, I could write creatively and finally finish my book. But that’s not realistic, so I’ll take some peace and quiet, a few purple pens and maybe a journal.”
(You should see this one’s purple pen collection. Holy cow!)

Terrye at Asshat Rants said, “Top shelf whiskey to help the words come. The best beans to grind my own coffee to keep me up long enough to get down on paper what my muse is whispering into my ear. And good friends to help me through the rough times and help me celebrate the good times.”
(I’m all in for the top shelf whiskey. But I have to pollute it with cola. Sorrynotsorry. )

Phil Holtberg from The Regular Guy NYC wants all the things:

  • An electronic thesaurus and dictionary
  • A nice leather bound notepad to keep by the bed to jot ideas down
  • A book of ideas to help break writer’s block
  • A great totebag to bring all your gear to the coffee shop
  • A really classy old school fountain pen

He also gave me this picture, sans the gift…
dirty picture2

(I think he REALLY likes fountain pens.)

Joy from Evil Joy Speaks wants, “Endless coffee cup at local coffee shop. A reserved seat at that coffee shop and the time to write there! Paper books from any of my Wish Lists. For entertainment, inspiration and to support fellow writers!”
(That’s sweet. Y’all can all buy her a copy of my book. Link in the sidebar. #shameless #selfpromotion)

Carrie-Anne from Carrie-Anne Foster- Social Media Made Easy said, “Scrivener would make a wonderful gift for those who write!”
(Now, I have the program…how the heck do I use it? #writerproblems)

Linda from Carpool Goddess said, “Call me crazy, but I would like one of those standing desks. I practically spend the entire day on my tush and things need to change. ”
(Okay, crazy…though that would probably be healthier than sitting behind a desk eating popcorn and drinking copious amounts of wine. Not that I–err…umm…anyway…)

Soooo many people wanted a getaway. Writer’s retreats, hanging out with blogging buddies and even getting some $$ for blogging conferences.

Oh and time. Though ya know, a 25th hour is hard to wrap, just sayin’ Lizzi from The Considerer.

Chrissy from QuirkyChrisy said, ” A clean house, so I can write without clutter.”
(This is a good one for anyone. If money is tight this year, make some cute cards with things that you’ll do– like run the vacuum and wash dishes. Did you mind travel to the gutter? Tsk tsk. I’ll be there in a sec.)

Michelle from Rubber Shoes in Hell said, “The occasional backrub from Norman Reedus.”
(Told ya. I’ll kill zombies with you sir. I lie. I am not about the zombie killing life. But I would be down for the backrub.)

Lisa from The Golden Spoons said, “A getaway weekend with all of my blogging buddies!”
(C’mon over, the water’s fine! Well…a little chilly. We can just go hangout on da beach.)

Celeste at Running Nekkid is a woman after my own heart, “New. Fricking. Laptop. And a critique partner so I can have someone to pester with all of my “so what did you think about…” questions besides my patient, clueless husband.”

There you have it folks, some awesome ideas for your gifts for your writing loved ones. If you can put time in a bottle and send it to all of us, we’d appreciate it. Thanks to everyone gave me their holiday list. I’m sorry I couldn’t include everyone!

Did any of these ring true for you? Let me know in the comments!

Aloha y’all!


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How do you write interesting characters?

We as writers have to curate our writing arsenal. What draws in the reader and keep him there? In this world where there’s so many distractions, we have to work harder to keep their attention. One way is to write characters who are engaging. Interesting. Puzzling. Dynamic. Gloriously flawed and interesting, making it hard for your reader to put down the book. The question now is how? Let’s talk about it tonight.


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