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Hey there you! Did you think I forgot you? Nope, of course not. Let’s just brush the dust off of this blog and pretend that two week hiatus didn’t happen, shall we? Jumping back in with Ten Things of Thankful. If you’re interested in participating, the linkup is right over here.


I’m pretty excited. New ideas rolling around in my head. I’ve been hanging out at some pretty cool blogs. And I got to see a best friend that I haven’t had the chance to annoy in person for maybe…4 years? Let me tell you a bit more about it.

Beth Teliho had me over at Writer B is Me this week. She let me talk about what I think is attractive in males and I debuted a new-to-you poem over there. Of course, if you’ve bought the book, then you’ve read it. On the other hand, you haven’t heard me read it and there’s a vlog there where I do…oh just go over and say hi. It’s lovely there. I think there may be cookies.

I’m going to try to do something different on here. I want to do more with my fiction. Ultimately, I’m a creative writer and fiction is in my blood playing Tiddlywinks with poetry. So, I’m going to do a serial on here. A weekly bit where I give you a snippet of a story, continue it the next week and so on. I have some ideas that I’ve been playing with, so we’ll see how that works.

I look like an Amazon, but really she's just short. lol.

I look like an Amazon, but really she’s just short. lol.


One of my closest friends, who has know me since I was a much younger version of Tamara, Michelle, came to visit last week. Since we live like hermits and we never have visitors, I was nervous that it wouldn’t go over so well. The Mathemagician and Michelle got on so famously that I really couldn’t have been happier. Two introverts in one room, it could go either way. When they ganged up on me to tease me (probably something about me being a lazy cook), I know it was all to the good. I’m hoping we can slowly work on him for moving to Asheville, NC. Shhh..don’t tell, it’s a secret. On the internet. #fail.



Michelle is a positive influence on my eating habits. I learned how to make cauliflower pizza crust, I’m making some delightful ramenginger bug, which I can use to make organic soda. She’s become such the granola girl, and I think it’s awesome. It was great seeing the island through some new eyes. Reminding me that there’s so many new things here to try and do. We went to a new-to-me Ramen spot. It was absolutely delicious. Here’s a shot of some of the noms:


I am typing from a new laptop. The other one was so persnickety that I couldn’t even move it. Once I unplugged it to take it to the library and it stayed off for 4 days. I’m pretty sure there are demons in that thar motherboard. I’m developing a best friendship with this one (even though it has Windows 8. Blarg)

Take me to your leader...

Take me to your leader…

I also got some other new equipment: a Canon PowerShot SX510 HS 12.1, a blue Snowball microphone (The Mathemagician thinks it looks like some type of alien device, and a new editing software (CyberLink PowerDirector 12). So maybe my vlogs will go up a little in quality. Don’t get your hopes too high though. I’m 100% amateur. It’s just for fun, but it is a lot of fun.

I’m sad that Michelle at Muses from the Deep and I stopped with the Creative Buzz Hop, but I think we’ll end up doing one occasionally. When a fun things starts to feel more like a hassle than enjoyable, it’s time to give it a rest.  However, the #writestuff TweetChat still happens every Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern, which is really fun. We talk about writing. Last week we talked about dealing with burnout and stress. You reading this, you’re invited. You should come.

Can I just tell you guys that I’ve felt so warm and fuzzy from all the support that I’ve gotten with this book thing? From people allowing me to post on their blogs, to folks taking selfies with their books, to people telling me they bought it and didn’t want to use it as tinder to burn down my house. Thank you. It means a lot.

So these are the things I’m thinking about the most and that I’m seriously thankful for. Friends, equipment, and eats. Sounds legit.

Aloha y’all!

PS: I’m making more videos nowadays. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel. Subscribe and like and all that jazz.



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Memories Faded (VIDEO)

Happy National Poetry Month! Since it is the month for all things poetry, and I’m doing the VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) Challenge, I’ll be posting more poetry here this month. *Hurray!* There will be other non-poetry related posts as well, so feel free to stop by my channel and check it out. If you like what you see, subscribe!

Without further ado:


Aloha y’all! 


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Blind Eye (A Poem)

http://penaperpad.com…Caint get no rest
Got two jobs,
Minimum wages,
Maximum labor.
Still picking up canned goods at food banks
To fill these empty cupboards.
I make too much for foodstamps.
99 percent? Who’s got time for math?
This is the forgotten percent.
The poor working class.
Sciatic nerve is acting up.
Feels like fire running down my back.
Burning through my resolve to just keep on.
Keeping on…

Except from poem entitled Blind Eye from The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman available now on Amazon!
Welcome to Week 44 of the Creative Buzz Hop. This week’s buzz word is under duress.
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