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Today it’s time for another Indie Author Spotlight post. This week I bring you Ella Emerson. Ella is a contemporary romance writer with a catalog of several books. She’ll be taking part in the Book Obsessed Babes Author Signing Event meet in greet in Jacksonville, Fla on April 25th. She began writing many years ago, but didn’t start really pursuing it until April of 2014.
Here is the synopsis of her latest novel that was released last month.


Trace Weston lives in the beautiful Palm Beaches. A college student who would rather party his life away than accept his father’s company. He loses a bet at a college party and has to have a “vanilla” relationship with a girl he has never met.

Vanessa Summers, moved to Florida to attend college for her love of the arts. She also left behind a dark past that haunts her every day. She meets Trace and is instantly taken with his irresistible charm. Will she be able to keep her secrets hidden? Will Trace be able to help her find the answers to what she is searching for? Will they be able to find who and what is trying to keep them apart?


Bio: Ella Emerson lives in Florida with her husband and three wonderful children. When she isn’t writing you can find her watching movies or playing games with her children. She loves to read, write and e

229729_10150177464284395_5967079_nat pizza. A true lover of the beach, she enjoys the sun, surf, sand and sea. She also is a huge fan of the cinema and enjoys crazy 80’s chick flicks. She was raised a military brat, and has seen her fair share of the world. She loves using her own experiences and turning them into lovely romantic tales.
In high school she discovered her love for reading, and even had one of her poems published in a national magazine. She continues to read, write, review and hopefully she can become an inspiration to her own children, as well as others.

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Sidenote: Don’t forget you’re invited to this party

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Taking the Stage and not angry about it

Things are ramping up around here for the event on Friday! I’m going to a few blogs this week to talk about all of the things and I wanted to share them with you. I’m doing  it through Starry Knight Word Slayers, which has made this process incredibly easy.

One of the questions that comes up often is asking about me being angry, and about my anger issues. *spoiler alert: I’m not angry* On Stephanie’s blog, Life Unexpectedly, she asked me 10 questions and I gave her 10 answers. A few of them were about my anger. If you’d like to check them out and see what I had to say, that post is right here.

Second up, Lisa at The Meaning of Me had me over for a quick chat. We did a Q&A over there as well. Funnily enough, the questions didn’t really overlap. She was trying to find a bit more about me as a poet and what my future plans are for writing.

If you could take a moment and swing by their places and give them a visit,  I would appreciate it so much. There’s two more stops left on my blog tour this week. And don’t forget, you’re invited to a party!


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Worldwide party–you’re invited

One of the best things about making videos and writing blog posts has been meeting people from around the world. If only I had an unlimited bank account so I could hangout with all of the people. But alas, I don’t. In order to hangout, I have to be more creative. Tha.Speakeasy

When I lived in Morgantown, West Virginia just a little bit past graduation, I started an event called Tha.Speakeasy. We’d have food, music, poetry, and artwork displayed. It was a chance for people to share their art. The poetry aspect was the biggest part where the winner of the poetry slam would receive some type of prize. It was a fun time.

I decided to try to do something similar but on a global, internet scale. So, Tha.Speakeasy is going to be an open mic night on Facebook. No cover charge. Bring your own Beverage. If you have children and you decide you want to have them involved, that’s fine. But just know that I’m not going to ask anyone to censor themselves. It’s all up to your discretion. I thought about making it 18 and over, but I wasn’t able to change the status.

That being said, here’s the invite on Facebook. Invite as many people as possible. Jot it down in your calendar and show up when you feel like it. It’ll be going on from 8 pm EDT to 8 pm EDT. Hit the event when the timing is right for you.

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be coming.

And if you haven’t already, sign up for my GoodReads giveaway. It ends on April 16th so you still have time to enter!


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